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If technology is supposed to make our lives easier, why is it so hard to buy and set up?

That’s why we created Enjoy. We hand-deliver your device and set it up where you need it. No more fumbling with the manual or returning it because it’s not what you thought it would be. We think technology should make your life better. And we’re here to make that happen.

Since our launch in 2015, we've taken pride in delivering the best experiences to customers.


Average customer rating

"Although I am very familiar with how many devices work, it was nice to have an Enjoy Expert nearby to address any questions or concerns."

"I was excited about my new Phantom 4 drone, but that was overshadowed by the entire experience with ENJOY! Not only were they super helpful I had the most amazing time with Monte and Andy. It was like having my best friends over. We laughed, we had fun, we got to play with a real cool piece of technology. My whole world was changed today. Never have I ever had a better experience shopping! The ENJOY team just blew my mind! Love you guy! Wow."

Derek, Los Angeles

"Kelvin was great at helping set up the device exactly as I wanted, and made sure all the content was transferred. He was smart and upbeat and did a fantastic job!"

Mary, Manhattan

"Meraf is a joy. She walked me through the setup of my new phone and was persistent until the task was completed. I cannot imagine a more helpful and friendly person. She is enthusiastic about her work and about the company she represents. I'm so happy that I chose to have my phone delivered and set up by Meraf and Enjoy."

Steve, Bay Area

"Lauren helped me feel empowered and made it fun to learn.  I am looking forward to more Enjoy sessions and getting myself current on my devices and more in control of the things those devices can do for me."

Molly, San Francisco

"Max was prompt, friendly and very knowledgeable and an hour later I'm left with no questions.  It's a level of service pretty much unheard of and yet needed now more than ever.  Great job."

Bruce, Manhattan

"Matt was awesome! I really enjoyed the experience, he was on time, explained everything about the product and we even rode together with the boosted boards. It was fantastic!"

Felix, Manhattan

"Melanie was amazing, so knowledgeable on not only the Apple TV I had setup but my other Apple products.  She went through all the steps setting up and then went through all the new features on the Apple TV.  I couldn't be happier with my new Apple TV and Enjoy!"

Matthew, Los Angeles

"This was my first experience with Enjoy and I really loved it. Not only was John knowledgable about the product, he seemed sincerely as excited as I was about it. That made a huge difference."

Jeremy, Bay Area

"Janan was great. She was really patient and walked me through everything and answered any questions I had. She even offered to follow-up to make sure everything was good."

Qiana, Bay Area