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DJI Osmo


This hand-held, stabilized camera will take your footage to a whole new level. Your shots will have an amazingly smooth movement even in the most action packed scenes. Run, jump, skate, selfie... the Osmo will give all the shots that Hollywood look.

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Why we love it

"Want to make an amazing HD quality film for less than 1K. Pair this with the attachable mic and you're half way to sitting next to Scorsese at the Oscars."

John, Bay Area Expert
John, Bay Area Expert
Los Angeles Expert

What you get when you Enjoy Osmo


Looking for a new rockin’ camera for your next adventure? It won’t take long to get it with our hand-delivery and setup.

Film your first movie

The Osmo’s 3-axis gimbal and 4k camera will have all your friends in awe of your cinema quality footage.

Explore all the modes

So many features! Among the many, we’ll show you how to use the Osmo's unique panoramic mode to get those awesome sunset shots for your Instagram.

Download and share

We’ll help you save and share your photos and video using the DJI GO App which makes showing the world your beautiful work a breeze.