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Before you buy, make sure your home has a live C-Wire.

Your current thermostat will need to have a live C-Wire to install ecobee. If you're unsure, remove the cover to see if a wire is connected to 'C'. If there is one, you've got a live C-Wire!

Still unsure? We can help.


Ordinary thermostats read the temperature in one room, which can make your favorite rooms uncomfortable. The ecobee3 works with remote sensors to deliver the right temperature in all the rooms that matter.

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What you get when you Enjoy Ecobee


We’ll meet you where you want to set up your smart thermostat.


We’ll show you what makes an Ecobee different from other thermostats, and how you can make it your very own.

Personalize & Install

We'll help install your new Ecobee and go through the app settings.

Test run & Enjoy

We'll help place the smart sensor in an optimal location to ensure everything is running smoothly.


The Wi-Fi thermostat that reads the temperature in the rooms that matter most to you.

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$249 $199

Smarter Bundle

Smarter Bundle

The best bang for your buck. This bundle comes with an ecobee3 thermostat and 3 room sensors.

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